Cre Strains for Neurobiology

The Jackson Laboratory Cre Repository distributes a large number of strains that specifically express Cre recombinase in the mouse brain, including genetically engineered mice from three large projects:

  • The NIH Neuroscience Blueprint Cre Driver Network
  • The Allen Institute for Brain Science Transgenic Mouse Project
  • The Pleiades Promoter Project

All of the mice in these large sets have been characterized by the developing institution. Cre activity is also being detected using the high-throughput assay originally developed for the Allen Brain Atlas project to detect expression of a reporter gene in neural tissues. Non-target (i.e. non-neural) expression is also being characterized by The Jackson Laboratory repository staff. See initial data

Cre strains for neurobiology currently available

Cre Recombinase Expression in Neural Tissue

loxP-flanked Sequences in Neural Tissue

loxP-flanked Sequences: Test/Reporter in Neural Tissue